29 January, 2012

Yester Year Natural Handmade Soap Spotlight Review

As I grow older I have found myself taking better care of my skin that when I was younger. I do a lot more research on the products I bring into my home and give my family. I try to use All Natural Products. Yester Year All Natural soaps is one of the products I have grown to love.
The Yester Year Soap Company makes soap the way soap was made over 100 years ago. I Love a company that has a story behind it. It makes for great conversation and nostalgia. The story behind the Yester Year Soap company has both nostalgia and a need to do the right thing. They purchased some land, cleared away the left over trees and stumps and began recreating history. My synopsis is brief, you can read the complete story.
When the soap arrived, I could smell the scents through the packaging. In a word, Intoxicating... Those essential oils really do make a difference. I received the 3 bar Gift Set in the following scents, Vanilla Honey, Orange Patchouli and Cherry Almond. You can tell the Yester Year Company is really doing their part to be green. Even the packaging is Natural and comes from Recycled materials, and tied with a raffia bow.

Over the next several days I went around replacing various bars of soap with the Yester Year Soap. Now, you have to understand, I live in the house with my 3 sons and the "hubs". My testosterone crew doesn't respond to change very quickly. Unless it's something they really don't like.

After a few days my oldest who suffers from eczema, came to me and asked me where did I get the "new" soap from. He had noticed a change in the amount of moisture his skin was retaining. He also really liked the fragrance of the Vanila Honey.
I  noticed how much longer the Yester Year Soap lasts. Usually I am replacing soap every 3 days or so. The Yester Year Soap lasts for a complete week before a new bar is needed for my family of 5. So, even though the the bars costs more on the front end, they lasts longer.
Overall, I found the Yester Year soaps to be a great product. The fragrance lasts until the bar is gone. The soap is creamier and more moisturizing than manufactured soap. They use all natural products and botanical oils which are better for your skin. They also sell soap by the loaf. Complete with a metal cutter, how cool is that? Very cool! If you've never tried handmade soap I encourage you to give Yester Year Soaps, a try.
The very nice people at the Yester Year Soap Company have agreed to be one of my sponsors in my upcoming Lots of Love Blog Hop! Which is scheduled to start Feb.1

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If You visit the Yester Year Blog they are hosting their own contest to win  some Valentines Day Inspired Soap.
Please also connect with Yester Year on Facebook.
Discloure: I received products from this sponsor in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.