31 January, 2012

Zone Diet Spotlight Review

Like most of the country, I decided to cut back and lose some weight this year. In my mind I want to have more years ahead of me, than behind me. I knew this would have to involve some serious changes in my eating habits and include some exercise. The Zone 123  Plan has really assisted me in many of my goals.
Dr. Barry Sanders is behind the science of the Zone Diet. He has dedicated years of research into the Zone Diet Program and Products. He believes a balance in our hormones is key to weight-loss success.
For my review I received the Zone Diet Standard program. My shipment consisted of bagels, (garlic,multi-grain,onion,sesame),bread, (cinnamon,multi-grain,white) , cookies (coconut chocolate,milk chocolate chunk, flatbread, pizza crust, granola bars, pasta and some pretzels. The Zone standard program is designed to assist you with your meal preparations, and provide you with some healthy options. It does not replace all of your food.
Because I am not a breakfast eater the Zone standard program really assisted me in eating breakfast. It was a no-brainer. I had my choice of bagels, or cinnamon bread, or even a cinnamon roll, already in the house. I found the breads to be flavorful and filling. Eating breakfast made it easier for me to eat wisely at lunch and dinner. I wasn't as hungry when lunch and dinner came around so I ate more responsibly.

As I stated before, all of the food was tasty, but the COOKIES! The Cookies were a real treat. They taste better than the cookies you buy at the mall! Now, I'm not suggesting you try the Zone program for the cookies, not at all, but it is a nice treat to have when you need a little something extra. After 2 weeks on the Zone Standard Program I loss 3 pounds. I feel good about my weight-loss because it is a start. I knew I would not meet my weight loss goals in two weeks. But the Zone Standard Program has started me to eat breakfast and to think about the foods I choose to feed my body. My energy level is through the roof and I feel confident I will achieve my weight-loss goals this year.
One of Detroit Mom's readers will win the the same Zone Diet Standard Program, I received. The Zone Diet Program will be one of the prizes offered in the Lots of Love Giveaway that starts right here on Feb.1.
Disclosure: I received the Zone Standard Program for the purpose of review, all Opinions are my own.