16 February, 2012

Trim Energy & Green Tea Energy Fusion Review

I received Trim Energy and Green Tea Fusion from Healthy to Go Brands for review.All of these products are made for the on the go lifestyle many of us lead. No time for veggies, keep some packets of the tasty Go Greens in your car/purse.

Trim Energy

All-natural Trim Energy™ is packed with healthy weight loss supporting nutrients to give you a Triple Action Edge to stick to your ALL-NATURAL weight loss plan! Action 1 - Burn fat with the lean, green coffee bean! Action 2 - Rev up metabolism with potent Green Tea! Action 3 - Stress-less with the help of the Ashwagandha Herb! It’s Healthy To Go®!

Green Tea Fusion

This naturally energizing formula, Green Tea Energy Fusion™ is packed with 100 mg of EGCG to maximize metabolism support† & increase fat burning†† while providing you with powerful, rejuvenating antioxidants!

What I am enjoying most about the Teas is that they are good both hot and cold. For many years I drank a 2L of Lemonade every day. I knew the excessive amount of the sugary drink was adding to my weight gain, but I was addicted. Both the Trim Energy tea and the Green Fusion assisted me in kicking my lemonade habit while giving me tons of energy. Not big on hot drinks except coffee, it was easy for me to just add the teas to my water bottle. Sipping on the cold tasty drink, I found I didn't miss the lemonade.
My skin cleared up, immediately. I no longer felt sluggish throughout the day. My energy level was through the roof. So much so I had to switch to drinking the Green tea in the daytime hours and the Trim energy in the evening hours. A few days drinking the teas the other way around gave me two nights of insomnia. If your energy levels are low or if you want to make a transition from sugary soda I strongly recommend you try Trim Energy Tea/Green Fusion Tea.

* Honorable Mentions* The sponsor also kindly sent me some samples of the following products:
Omega To Go : I could believe my taste buds, I thought I was drinking an Orange Creme Sickle it was so good!Vegetarian DHA, antioxidants, Vitamin C + fiber! Omega To Go® is a great tasting, vegetarian way to help you get Omega-3 fatty acids that you need every day to support optimal brain, eye and heart health. One packet of Omega To Go® is also high in antioxidants from natural Vitamins C, E, & D and is a good source of fiber! For the busy family, it’s Healthy To Go®
*Vita Rocks: My boys enjoyed the candy-like treat that was far from candy. It's good to know their is a healthy tasty snack option that kids love! They come in two great flavors Lemon & Cherry. Getting healthy nutrients into a picky eater’s diet has never been easy. Children require vitamins and minerals to nourish a growing, developing body but don’t often get those nutrients in the foods they enjoy. VitaRocks® can help! VitaRocks® offers an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, D, & E as well as minerals in the form of an all-natural, great tasting, popping candy! Kids love it! And so do their parents! VitaRocks
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Disclosure: I received one or more of the following items for the purpose of Review. All opinions are my own.