18 November, 2012

Maxim Palms All Natural Date Syrup Review & Giveaway U.S. 12/1

I am extremely excited to introduce you to Maxim Palms, an all natural Date Syrup made right here in Michigan.
 History of the Date (fruit):

Dates have been cultivated in ancient Mesopotamia since 4000 BC, home to the great Babylonian Empire,
Once the capital of the world & the cradle of civilization.Today, date syrup is loved for its rich flavor and nutrition.Dates are a superfood, a delicious exotic fruit that grows on palm trees. Date palms thrive in areas
with high temperatures and low humidity.

About Date Syrup:
 Date syrup is extracted naturally from dates, a very dry fruit,the reason why our syrup has a very rich thick texture. A truly unique flavor, we can't even begin to describe how amazing it tastes, surely your taste buds will get confused... in a good way! Not only is date syrup extremely delicious, it's very rich in nutrients as well! Date syrup can make almost anything taste better!

Maxim Palms Date Syrup:
Maxim Palms date syrup is naturally derived from 100% pure dates,comes with ZERO additives or preservatives, NO added sugars, is dairy-fat-gluten FREE, and is a good source of fiber.
Our date syrup is full of vital nutrients, a natural balance of manyvitamins and minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes your body needs.

Finally, something that is Good for you that also TASTE Good!

Breakfast foods: eggs, pancakes, waffles. Use instead of honey to sweeten your tea. Use instead of sugar to sweeten your coffee. Use on your baked goods. We drizzled it on Baklava and it was Very Yummy.
Buy It: Maxim Palms is currently sold at over 17  stores in the SE Michigan area & if you're not in Michigan you can purchase it online HERE for $5/ bottle. If you buy 6 or more bottles Shipping is FREE.
 Win It:
Win an entire Case of Maxim Palms Date Syrup. Enter Via the Giveaway Tools Widget (Please note: sometimes it takes the Widget a moment to load. If you have ANY problems entering any of my giveaways, PLEASE contact me via the Contact Form at the top of my blog. Giveaway is open to U.S. Only and Ends 12/1
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