13 December, 2012

2013 New Year's Resolution Solutions

In less than 3 weeks we will be celebrating 2013. Instead of making up a bunch of resolutions I know will stress me out trying to keep, I approach the New Year a little differently.

During this time of the year I look back over all of my goals and accomplishments and set-backs (things I wanted to do but was unable to do.)  By reflecting about the past year it allows me to gauge the upcoming year. When I look back over 2012 I am able to see great strides I made in my writing here on my blog, new relationships I’ve made that I hope will lasts for years to come and sadly old relationships that had to end. It has definitely been a year of ups and downs.
When I reflect I also look around my room and my house. When 2012 made its first debut my home was in desperate need of some new furniture. One of my plans for 2012 was to replace as much of my old furniture with new and functional furniture. When I say functional, I mean furniture that has more than one use. If you’ve been following my blog musings for a while then you know due to the economy, we downsized to a much smaller home than we’re accustomed to.
A smaller home has its pros and cons like all things. One of the cons is storage. Our tiny little abode does not have sufficient storage for all of our collective stuff. So, I have to be creative when replacing and buying furniture. Luckily for me, furniture makers have realized the need for this duo function in furniture. Last year I purchased bunk beds for my two youngest sons which gave them a lot more floor space in their room and  a new chocolate colored sofa and  ottoman that has storage and hidden seating.
In 2013 I am looking for colorful sofa beds. My oldest son has outgrown his sofa bed and is in great need of a new one ASAP. All in all my plans for 2013 is to continue replacing the old with new more functional items. Sounds do-able.