10 December, 2012

What Do Women Really Want For Christmas?

Recently I came across an article that asked and answered, "What Do Women Really Want For Christmas"? I felt it was pretty bold of the author to presume they knew what "women" wanted for Christmas.

That is how I felt when I read the title only of the article. After delving into the entire article I became aware this wasn't just someone spouting off their feelings all "willy-nilly." The author had done intense research. The writer actually polled 1000 women between the ages of 21-45 before writing their conclusions. The article actually polled the women to ask what gifts they desired from their significant others. I found this pretty intriguing, as I felt my husband’s gifts to me have changed drastically over the years. When we were first dating his gifts to me were a lot more intimate than they are now. I must admit to you we've been married over 21 years. I feel he “should” know me better than anyone else. He should know my likes and dislikes, but somehow he sometimes misses the mark. Because he is my husband and I Love him I am grateful for everything he buys for me, but, a pair of Timberland boots for Christmas, really?
I’m not quite sure where along the way he lost his knack for gifting me the greatest the gifts. Because he is sensitive I don’t quite know how to approach the subject, tactfully. A friend of mine suggested I suggest he read articles on a mature dating site. She said they are quite informative and talk about more than dating. I may have to read some myself and see if he would be receptive to this tactic.
As for the article I agree with about 95% of what was posted. It basically tells guys to think before you make a purchase for your significant other. Which I feel is very good advice for anyone buying presents for anyone. Just, Think! Before you buy.