24 January, 2013

An Auction to See Real Live Tonka Trucks in Action

I often joke about my Testosterone filled life but it really is a Testosterone filled life. In addition to all of the men in my household I also have 2 nephews. My sister-in-law and I would often pick out pretty little pink frilly girly items when we shop together and hold them up for one another to see and just go "awwwwwe". Neither one of us ever having the opportunity to buy any dresses, tights or dolls. We are definitely a minority in this male dominated family. As fate would have it our boys are close in age and had very similar taste e in toys, anything Tonka and they were in.

I enjoyed the Tonka trucks because they were rugged and withheld pretty much everything my boys would do to them. They endured being thrown down cement steps, being dropped from trees and even being run over by bicycles. I must admit I on the other hand am not as durable as the Tonka trucks and have been on the wrong end of a truck left in the middle of the floor. The truck stayed intact while I limped away injured, bruised and hopping mad.
All of the boys are much older now and I really hadn’t thought about the trucks until I ran across a website where you can see construction equipment at a live auction. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the construction trucks so resembled the Tonka trucks our boys used to adore. Great big Tonka trucks for viewing and purchasing at a live auction, it truly was a site to see.  A feeling of nostalgia had completely taken me over viewing the site. I couldn’t wait until the boys came home from school so I could show them my new find. After viewing the site they agreed the construction trucks were very similar to the trucks they played with when they were much younger.
Have you ever run across a website or store that made you reminiscent of your child’s favorite toy? If so I would love to hear about your experience, please leave a comment below.