05 January, 2013

How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bedbugs

The reemergence of bedbugs recently has made me quite leery of taking my family out and about away from home. Just last year it was reported movie patrons contracted bedbugs by attending a movie at a popular movie chain in New York.

Hotel Bed Bug Infographic

 Here in Detroit their have been several reporting's of passengers on public transportation contracting bedbugs. Are their any public places that are safe to take your family too anymore? Next month is February and Valentines Day is February 14. Hotels will be quickly filling up with couples anxious to spend a romantic night or two together. A night together spent in a hotel is a memory meant to last a lifetime. Luckily, I found this infographic from Virginia Pest Control Company. It is designed to assist you in how to check your hotel room for bedbugs. Right now education is our first line of defense against these blood suckers. Once I located it I immediately started downloading copies and emailing this infographic info to my friends and family. I hope this will assist you in enjoying your future hotel stays. Please study the infographic/ feel free to print it out and keep a copy of it in your luggage. After-all, you want your romantic hotel stay to be memorable because of the time spent together, not for bedbug bites, right>