24 January, 2013

Where's George.com?

Have you ever received a $1 Dollar Bill with writing on it that says Where's George.com? Well, I have to admit I have received these bills many times. Whenever I receive these bills it is always my intention to check where my particular George has been. Until yesterday, life would get in the way and my George would usually go back into circulation without me checking to see where he had been.
Yesterday, while shopping at Family Dollar picking me up some much needed warm and comfy pajama pants I received a Where's George.com dollar bill. I immediately placed it in my coat pocket. I was determined to find out where my George had been. It was very hard because I made several shopping stops before I got home but somehow my George survived.
When I arrived home I pulled my George bill out and went to the site to see where my George had been. It was really easy. When you get to the site you out in the serial number of your George $1 bill and your zip-code. Listed below is the screenshot of where my George has been. Apparently my George has been pretty busy. He has traveled 320 miles in 160 days. I decided to place my George back in circulation to see where else he will end up.