12 February, 2013

Dining out with a Family of Five (5)

I love to prepare home cooked meals for family. Few things in life make me happier. I know when I cook I use only the freshest available ingredients and tons of love. Most weeks I cook at least five (5) days a week if not more. Seeing the smiles on my families face as we sit down and enjoy one of my home cooked meals is...Priceless.

As much as I enjoy cooking I have to admit sometimes this "supermom" needs a break from her kitchen. I need to be able to sit down with my family and enjoy a meal that I didn't cook. I admit it; I want someone else to do the cooking for me. However, dining out for a family of five (5) can prove to be very expensive. Not to mention I am feeding boys who eat like men. Their appetites are ravenous and not long satiated. 
One Saturday we all went to breakfast at a locally owned restaurant. We allowed the boys to read the menu and order for themselves. It was a nice hearty breakfast and I was full halfway through my meal. We talked and laughed and I drank my coffee as the others finished their meals. Later, when it was time to leave the waitress came to bring us the bill and my youngest that was age four (4) at the time, interrupted her and said “We haven’t had our dessert yet.” Dessert? Dessert? Really? After breakfast? Everyone in the restaurant laughed and the owner came over and gave us a freshly baked Apple Pie free of charge to take home with us for dessert.

After the “breakfast dessert” incident we started dining out at buffet styled restaurants. The variety of foods offered fits almost every pallet and the unlimited amount of servings helps to satiate my family. Buffet restaurant prices vary on a daily bases but tend to be higher on family dining days, Fridays through Sundays. I make sure all of the restaurants we dine in offer restaurant coupons for our family to ensure we are getting the best deals when dining out.