14 March, 2013

White Smoke A New Pope Our Visit to Sacred Heart Seminary

Yesterday history was made in Vatican City. A new Pope, Pope Francis I. Pope Francis has stated God has already spoke to him with a message to "Build up the Church." A daunting task in light of the Catholic Church's recent scandals.

In celebration of the new Pontiff Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit held a special Mass. I decided I wanted to celebrate a history making moment with my youngest son. We live right around the corner from Sacred Heart Seminary so we walked over and celebrated Mass. This was our first time being in the historic and monumental structure. All of my boys' were baptized Catholic but we haven't attended a Catholic church since they closed down our parish St. Luke's Catholic Church.
During our walk he asked me questions about how the Pope is chosen and why we don't attend church anymore. In our household we believe in God, just not religion so much. We subscribe to a higher power, and pray for guidance, mercy and favor daily.
Historic Statue of Jesus whose face was painted Black by rioters in the 60's. The Church continues to paint Jesus face Black

As we walked through the church we were greeted by Seminary students and Priest, everyone was  welcoming, cordial, and upbeat. We sat near the back just taking in the beautiful sculptures and massive stain glass windows.The smell of frankincense and murr was calming and reminded me of Christmas.
A young seminary student who I later learned whose name was Greg was very kind to share with us so we could respond and read the prayers. He came out of no where and said I will share with you. How did he know we were unprepared? It was a wonderful mass and as we walked back home I told my son. Thank you for sharing this historical moment with me, when you grow up and have a family of your own you can share this memory with them. My son responded, "momma we need to start going back to church." AMEN