10 September, 2013

House Buying Options for Families

Brooke and Tom were high school sweethearts. After high school they married and Tom joined the Army. After several deployments for Tom, Brooke lived on base and became a stay at home military mom to their three (3) daughters. Brooke enjoyed living on base and being a part of the military moms community. Because their kids knew of no other way of living besides "base life" they also enjoyed base living.
During Tom's last deployment to Afghanistan he sustained an injury which prevented him from returning to active duty. After Tom was stabilized Brooke insisted he be moved to the the John D.Dingell  V.A. Medical Center  in Detroit, Mi.

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While at the hospital Tom received excellent  medical care and Brooke received emotional support. One of the social workers assisted Brooke in finding funding and permanent housing for their family. Brooke went right from her parents home to living life on the base. She had no prior knowledge of how much housing they could afford or other housing benefits available to them because of Tom's military status. The loan officer at the V.A Mortgage Center became like a part of the family. Helping and assisting Brooke every step of the way while Tom received physical Therapy.
Tom and Brooke now live the American Dream with their family, home ownership.